We are The Backyard Project & these are our terms...

The Backyard Project is a culmination of creative minds, many passionate DJs, music producers, visual artists and months of hard work. We unofficially launched The Backyard Project on Monday 12th December 2011.

The initial aim is to create and inspire a different sound space and platform in which to provide local talent the ability to showcase their skills and their own original works to a local and an international audience.

The Backyard Project is working towards extending this local collective to include international artists and promote both on the world stage.

We operate from Perth, Western Australia and play a range of stylistic genres, particular to each presenter’s tastes within the EDM sphere and beyond. We are a community group dedicated to The Project primarily for the love of music and to aid the Perth scene in ascending to new levels of recognition and, of course, listener enjoyment. We hope The Project creates a give and take community, which will benefit artists and music enthusiasts and stakeholders alike.


Q.Got Some FAQ's?

A.Send us a message using the message box below.


Q.Why is the shop prices in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)?

A. Our online payment processing is done in New Zealand. But we are working on changing this.

Q. Do you offer on account services?

A. No, all available Products & Services are strictly Pre-Pay.

Q.What is a TBYU?

A. The Back Yard Unit (TBYU) is a measured unit which indexes the value on products and services available from The Backyard Project Shop http://www.thebackyardproject.com.au/shop

Q.How much monetary value does 1 TBYU hold?

A.1 TBYU = NZD$70.00

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